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On this page you will find various useful resources.


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Membership Fees

Membership is €50 per year, paid annually on the 1st May.

For anyone joining after 1st May, the membership fee will be calculated pro-rata.


We are aiming for a completely paper-free expenses system. 

The expenses claim form can be found here:


Please note the following:

1 - Up to 5 claims can be made on each form. Start a new form if you have more than 5 claims.

2 - Please restrict all claims on one form to one show production (or general society administration). Create multiple forms for different show productions.

3 - Please be in possession of all receipts before making a claim. Scan or photograph the receipts and email the scans or photos to (there is a link on the claim form). Please ensure the sums on the forms match the receipts.

4 - The first time you submit a form, please include your bank details. There will be no need to submit these again unless your bank details change. There will be a delay of several days after your first claim before the claim can be paid. This is a security feature imposed by our bank.